Through Lockthreat Technologies’ Python Training, learn Python from scratch. You can learn all the fundamentals of Object-Oriented Programming, Python Programming, third-party modules, etc. through our Python Course course. Your career in programming can be advanced with the help of a Python certification. During the training session, you will also work on two real-world projects that are primarily aligned with the Python Certification exam.

  • Ahmed Aslam Baig
  • 20+ Years
  • 60-80 Hours
  • Daily & Week Ends
  • DEC, 2022
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Why We Are Best in Python Training

Qualified Trainers

Our trainers are working professionals with minimum 5 years IT experience and more than 15 years’ experience as live IT skill training.

Sessions for Career Counseling

We advise you to first become familiar with the necessary abilities before learning about the opportunities, career responsibilities, and scope.

Job Assitance

LOCKTHREAT TECHNOLOGIES candidates will receive 100% job support thanks to our connections with numerous companies and consultancies.

Life Time Validity

After the course completion, Life time validity for any candidate from any batch in future with onetime payment and presence.

[Frequently Asked Questions]


Python Certification FAQ's

Do I need to take the certification exam after I finish Python in Bangalore?

All of the topics needed to pass the Python certification exam are covered in our course on Python. The instructor will provide practise questions, sample questions, and a certification guide for Python.

How can I obtain Python certification?

All of the topics needed to pass the Python in Bangalore certification are covered in our course. The instructor will provide a Python in Bangalore certification guide, example questions for the certification, and practice questions.

Oracle DBA Training FAQ's

In Bangalore, what is the current Python market trend?

Bangalore, an Indian innovation hub, is home to numerous prosperous start-ups. This demonstrates the successful application of technology and the emergence of inventions among the younger generation. Top firms in Bangalore anticipate an increase in the number of qualified and aspiring workers to meet the need for technical Python skills in the upcoming years.

Which leading organizations in Bangalore are hiring Python specialists?

Python is a straightforward and intuitive programming language that does not require any prior coding knowledge. Lockthreat Technologies, which has been teaching candidates for more than 4 years, advises that having a fundamental understanding of computer operating systems would help you comprehend things more quickly.

How much does the average Python professional make in Bangalore?

The average yearly income for a Python Developer in Bangalore is 4.5 Lakhs, with salaries ranging from 2.5 Lakhs to 8.0 Lakhs.


Oracle DBA Training Reviews


Lockthreat Technologies Each topic in the Python training was addressed in engaging lectures. Even beginners could understand the information because of the clear presentation of the materials.


I was really happy with Lockthreat Technologies’ Python training and the trainer’s knowledge. The trainer’s offered pdf files are quite useful.


I appreciate it, Lockthreat Technologies. An excellent location to learn Python technology Concepts are understood clearly, and the technology is explained in great detail.


Both the instructor’s teaching style and the course’s organization are excellent. I’ve always enjoyed every class. I enjoyed the Python training case studies in the Lockthreat Technologie since they enabled me to gain understanding through actual circumstances.